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Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines

There are a number of combinations in which you can submit your work to U&I.

Generally speaking, there's no minimum or maximum (word) limit to your article, and up to 4-6 photos are accepted for any category.

The table below lists a summary of ways that you can submit your photo and/or article.

Photo And Article Submission Combinations
Description Photo Article
Please follow these guidelines!
Just 1 photo adhering to a theme of the magazine 1 *
yourCity, travelography: 4-6 photos and article 4-6 X
flickrVision: 4-6 photos and article
4-6 X
Write your own article: 4-6 photos and article; photographers use your own discretion 4-6 X
* An optional comment of less than 75 words is allowed for each photo

Photo Submissions

Submitting a photo does not necessarily mean it will be published in the magazine. I will go through all submissions and will try my best to notify the individuals whose submissions have been accepted.

Photo Specifications

Please follow these specification guidelines when submitting your photos:

File Specifications For Photo Submissions
File Format Size Colour Space
Please follow these guidelines!
JPG, TIF, EPS, PNG Generally speaking, the greater the megapixels of your camera, the larger I will be able to print them. So, use the highest resolution you possibly can on your digital camera.
See table below.
Digital Camera Photos: Please retain all EXIF data in your file as information such as F-stop, shutter speed, camera model, etc. may be published in the magazine.

Scanned Photos: Please include with your photo submission, a text file with the relavent photo information (if possible).

Photos with watermarks and other foreign objects (borders, text, etc.)
will not be accepted.


Digital Camera Printing Guideline @ 300ppi
Digital Camera
Effective Megapixels
Pixel Dimensions
Width x Height
Equivalent Max.
Print Dimensions
Please follow these guidelines!
3.1 2048 x 1536 6.8 x 5.1
4 2464 x 1632 8.2 x 5.4
5 2560 x 1920 8.5 x 6.4
6 3008 x 2000 10.0 x 6.67
7.1 3072 x 2304 10.24 x 7.68
8 3264 x 2448 10.88 x 8.16
12.2 4288 x 2848 14.29 x 9.49


Article Submissions:

U&I Magazine encourages photographers to write about their photos. Even if it is a short blurb on what the photo was about, we want you to write it out. Your written work will be published alongside your photograph.

Stuck on what to write? Here are some tips:


Article suggestions are always welcome so if you think you have a great idea, then let us know! You'll have a good chance of getting your own idea published!

REMINDER: Please remember that YOU must own the copyright to the photos and articles you submit. Previously published photos and articles are accepted as long as you own the copyright to them.