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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is U&I published?
At the moment U&I Magazine is a seasonal publication, meaning at the start of each (Canadian) season a new issue will be released. I may decide to publish more frequently depending on submissions and my schedule. Tentative publication dates are as follows: August (Fall); November (Winter); February (spring); May (summer).
Who is the Editor?
That would be me, Taku. While I am no English expert by any means, I will have the final say as to what goes in the magazine. Submitted articles should be free of any spelling and grammatical errors. While I will try my best to edit articles, I may not be able to proofread every single article that comes through to me.
But I'm a photographer, not a writer!
That is ok. Written articles should be about the photos that you take. I am more interested in what you have to say about your own photos than what a professional writer has to write about (although professionals are more than welcome to submit a piece). So, try not to worry too much if you feel you are not strong in writing. You can always simply submit a photograph for consideration and an optional 75 or fewer word description. All I ask is that you spell check all articles and it be as grammar free as possible.
What is EXIF data?
EXIF - EXchangeable Image File - is a standard for storing image information such as camera model, shutter speed, f-stop, etc. It is used especially with JPG compressed images. Most - if not all - digital cameras now write EXIF data in the JPG file. Please retain this information as U&I Magazine may use this information in its magazine.
What's Lulu?
Lulu is a Print on Demand (POD) service provider for people who want to self-publish. They print U&I Magazine digitally and deliver the magazines worldwide.
What is "Flickr"?
Flickr is "almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world." Originally created by Ludicorp of Vancouver, Flickr was acquired by Yahoo! in March of 2005. More information on Flickr. Create a free Flickr account.
U&I will also be using Flickr as a basis for discussion and feedback for the magazine. Join the U&I Magazine group on Flickr!
What groups on Flickr is used by U&I Magazine?
U&I Magazine group: To show your talents or to share your wonderful Flickr stories, join the Flickr U&I Magazine group. Submitting a photo to the U&I Magazine group's pool does not mean you are submitting a photo for publication.
There are other photo sharing sites, why choose Flickr?
Flickr was the first photo sharing site that I myself joined. So, Flickr gets the nod. Simple as that. It's also very cool.
What are the printed specifications for U&I Magazine?
U&I Magazine is a perfect bound, 8.5" x 11" (North American letter-sized) magazine. Cover is printed on 100lbs Ultra Glossy Cover stock, CMYK, 96 bright, while interior pages are printed on 80lbs uncoated, CMYK, 96 bright. The paper used for U&I Magazine is matte but is considerably thicker than traditional magazine stock.
Are there any advertisements in the magazine?
No. None. Zero. There are no advertisements in the magazine!
How much is it to buy the magazine?
U&I Magazine relies on Print on Demand (POD), which is a higher priced alternative than regular printing, yet one that meets my current needs. The cost of the magazine is currently US$20.00. Once you buy your first issue, however, I strongly believe that you will be more than happy with the quality of the publication. Of course, any constructive criticism is always welcome.
Shipping fees are extra?
Yes, shipping fees are extra as they are not included in the magazine's price. Lulu offers a number of shipping options that you can take advantage of. Buy more than 2 magazines and shipping will be free (Supersaver's Shipping program). More info. on Lulu's shipping fees.
Do contributors get paid?
At the moment, I cannot pay contributors for their work. However, not only can you brag about your work being published in a magazine, all contributors to the magazine will be able to purchase the issue at a discounted price. Further, your name and contact information will be put in a directory in case people may want to contact you. And finally, complimentary copies will also be given out to article and photo contributors.
What about copyright issues?
All photo and article contributors retain their copyrights to whatever they submit. U&I Magazine makes no claims as to the ownership of the photo and/or article. By submitting a photo and/or article to U&I Magazine, you grant all rights for U&I Magazine to use any and all portions of your photo and/or article for the magazine and for its promotional purposes.