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About U&I Magazine

U&I Magazine

U&I Magazine is created by Taku, a creative designer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With a passion for design and photography, it was inevitable for Taku to combine the two to pursue what he likes doing best. While Smaku is his online alias, media Smaku is the company name that he designs under.

Hidden talent is found everywhere around the world. The hard part is getting it noticed. I have already been enlightened from several people's photography, their stories, and techniques that I am hoping others around the world will be too with this magazine.

With U&I Magazine, the content is created by people like you and I, and the magazine is designed by me. U&I accepts editorial and photo submissions from photographers from around the world - although only English articles are accepted at the moment.

Each issue of the magazine will have a general seasonal theme to the publication, with a potential for more specific article and photo themes. A portion of the magazine will also be dedicated to flickrVision.

What is flickrVision?

This is a sub-section of U&I Magazine that I named as it revolves around the people of flickr. While flickr is primarily a photo management and sharing application, it has served a number of other purposes along the way, connecting people, creating memorable stories and showcasing talents of avid photographers from around the world. I have dedicated flickrVision to focus on various users of flickr, their stories, and their photos in hopes of enlightening others around the world.

Has flickr changed your life in any way? Are you using flickr in an innovative and new way? Let the whole world know your story.